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Main application is the SMD-technic, Electronic production and assembling technic as well as soldering and cleaning of components and pc boards. Tools – vacuum tools , tweezers, pliers, vacuum tweezers with tips, cups and cutting tools has been offered in EGB - or ESD version.

POLYPLAS GmbH is market leader in the sector of vacuum tweezers with or without pumps,  for that tips or cups, vacuum tips and cups for all electronic components or other products. Approximately  800 different tweezers with varies surfaces like Teflon or Ceramic coatings or extremely „soft“ from the smallest till the biggest SMD-component or conventional component guarantee a safely handling. Custom-made article for special shapes or surfaces are possible.

For the locations Germany and South Africa, the following statement is valid:

"Not only one solution for customers problems“ our appr. 4000 products are offering more!!

poly-TEXBAND“ Hand- and Finger protection – self adhesive (does not stick to skin and hair) cotton gauze band has no size problems like gloves or fingerstalls, unpleasant sticking or shriveling skin – easy to wrap (any part of finger or hand) and economically.

In cooperation with Eng.-Offices, Institutes and Assembling companies POLYPLAS GmbH is developing and distributing Plasma machines for cleaning and activation, hydrophility and  hydrophobity of surfaces or pre treatment before glueing, painting, printing or desoxydation  and allows treatment in Nanotechnic.

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 For the safe handling of components ...
...Pen-Vac V 8901-LMS-ESD incl. 6 Saugdüsen.

Vacuum Handling Tool

Small but strong is the BULB VAC BVJ-X-ESD
A small tool in ESD version, put a cup on and ...lift up!!

The whole unit is 89 mm long, breadth 39.6 mm.

The cups are availaible in different diameters, temperature resistant up to 230° C.

Ideal for simple handling, economical and should not be missed at the workplace.

More tips and cups are available, different size and material, please see under products - tips - cups.

Self adhesive gauze as hand and finger protection and much much more... poly TEXBAND from 100% cotton with pure Latex is the economical alternative to the gloves/fingerling with lots of advantages.

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