POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH – active more than “A Third Of A Century” in the industry of tweezers, tools, hand protection and finger protection, mounting and fastening products, connecting technology as well as plasma treatment. In over 30 years POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH has developed into the market leader for vacuum pumps. POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH has returned to its original headquarters in Hameln in 2017. This enables a 24-hour service for many products across Europe.
In addition to the electronics industry, tools and tweezers are also used for precision mechanics, optics and micro technology, mechatronics and nanotechnology. Selective hand protection and finger protection for electronics manufacturing, assembly and packaging technology, craftsmanship and sports are just as important as electrical vacuum pumps and manual tweezers. Special forceps for the medical field are also included in the sales program, as well as custom-made tweezers at customer's request.

High quality vacuum tools and tweezers

The main focuse of POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH are vacuum tools. Those include electric vacuum tweezers, such as the cordless POLYVAC-pickup, as well as permanent vacuum pumps and accessories.
The POLYVAC-pickup electric vacuum pump has everything "needed" in the grip, it is very handy and mobile for the assembly, wafer, optics, mechatronics, jewelry technology and watch industry, microscopy and inspection.
The extensive range of technical tweezers includes plastic tweezers, wafer tweezers, aluminum tweezers and steel tweezers with interchangeable tips, special heat-resistant coatings, also soldering tweezers, pointed tweezers and brass tweezers, antimagnetic tweezers, mini tweezers. Used in optics, mechatronics, jewelry and watch industry as well as precision engineering.

Specific products

POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH distributes vacuum tips (probes) and vacuum cups, which make the vacuum pumps more versatile. These are vacuum suction nozzles, suction cups, dual nozzles with vacuum cups.
Another successful segment is special fine tools, tweezers with extremely fine and also interchangeable tips.

Highly specialized pliers and cutters are also marketed.

The hand protection and finger protection poly-TEXBAND is a fast and effective skin protection in the area of work safety, protects against injuries and fingerprints, is easy to stow away and free from the disadvantages of a sticking plaster, glove or fingerstalls.

Plasma treatment for cleaning, ultra cleaning and activating of surfaces as a pre-treatment for further processes, such as gluing, soldering, painting and printing.
In addition, PCB spacers, expansion rivets and various other connecting elements made of plastic can be offered for the application in assembly technology and electronics manufacturing.