Tools for fine crafts

In addition to the always available standard versions, tweezers, plastic tweezers and vacuum nozzles are also manufactured according to customer requirements. This offer is partly used by opticians, watchmakers and parts of the jewelry industry. In general, the products of POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH are popular with these trades as well as with glassworks and precision engineering. This applies to tweezers and other tools as well as to innovative hand and finger protection poly-TEXBAND. E & With the product poly-TEXBAND, the company has also made a name for itself in crafts. The air-permeable and self-adhesive hand and finger protection is an interesting alternative to conventional selective finger protection, especially for carpenters, glazers and locksmiths.

Precision tools and accessories for research and medicine

With the precise tools and tools of POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH many work in laboratories and medical technology companies is only possible. Particularly when it comes to microscopy, as well as the reliable testing and measuring of various values ??and processes, the company's vacuum tweezers, wafer tweezers and shears have proven their worth. The plasma systems developed by POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH increase the adhesion before gluing and printing, for example, of catheters, syringes or filter material.