Hand protection and finger protection – Occupational Safety

poly-TEXBAND makes hand and finger protection easy, convenient and cost-effective. From the roll, the flexible cohesive gauze tape with pure latex is a cost-effective alternative to gloves and fingerstalls. The breathable gauze tape prevents shrinkage fingers and can be partly wrapped around the finger or fingers as a finger bandage. poly-TEXBAND does not know any size problems, as it is commonly known with gloves and fingerstalls. Self-adhesive, not sticking to hair and skin, the anti-slip tape gives a maximum of fingertip feeling.

This cotton canvas is the daily skin protection in many industries and trades / crafts, in the packaging and assembly industry as well as manufacturing technology, electronics manufacturing, electronical production. Car mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, tiler, painters appreciate the cost-saving selective hand and finger protection. poly-TEXBAND protects hands and fingers from injuries and objects / products against fingerprints.

In the fingernail studio the elastic finger tape protects the cosmetic filing and finger work.

As a practical help in the household, poly-TEXBAND prevents injuries of the thumbs or fingers when cutting or peeling.

Always handy, small rolls, 2.54cm width x 6cm diameter fits in every pocket, toolbox or emergency case.

The practical roll material and the flexible wrap is available in blue, green and white, and always handy as a fast hand protection and finger protection by simple wrapping.