Mechatronics systems require special tools. The functional groups make mechatronics the ideal field of application for finger protection, special forceps and cutters and tweezers. Mechatronics combines electro mechanics, fine mechanics, microsystem technology and mechanical deformation. For the processing of special sensors, components, processors, tweezers, vacuum tools as well as forceps for repair on circuit boards and desoldering, hand protection and finger protection important are and indispensable tools. The extremely small suction nozzles of the VSPT series are used in mechatronics for macro technology, micro technology and nano technology.

Optics and optical systems - for the processing of high-tech products in the optical industry for lenses, photonics, mirrors, windows as well as laser lenses, camera and mirror objects, our marking-free and residue-free suction cups poly-BLUECUP are used. poly-BLUECUP, made of catalytic hardened rubber mixture based on silicone. These suction cups or suction nozzles are excellently suitable for the handling of residue-sensitive surfaces and objects, as mentioned. As a suction attachment, suction nozzle for manual vacuum pumps such as HANDI-VAC, and electrical vacuum pumps like POLYVAC-pickup and ADJUST-A-VAC is an ideal aid in assembly and handling, transport and assembly, also of micro components.