Vacuum Tools

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Electrical vacuum tweezers with permanent vacuum without cable tangle

POLYVAC pickup, with an integrated pump and rechargeable battery, allows a safe transport and placement of components with flat surfaces, such as wafers, optical systems, jewelry, watches and precision engineering etc. The intelligent small “pick and place” vacuum pump prevents damages on SMD components, also by the suckers, adapted to the customer's requirements, and the suction head, which is rotatable by 360 degrees. Up to 70 grams weight of objects are transported and placed wirelessly in many areas of precision mechanics, glass and mirror technology, micro technology – micro mechanics in the laboratory and industry. The POLYVAC pickup, conductive vacuum tweezers, flexible on the assembling table and workplace, places the component safely for repair, assembly etc. The vacuum tool has all the advantages and safety in a "small grip!!"
Exotic use is given to philatelists, as no damage to valuable stamps occur because of our mechanical tweezers.
Mechanical / manual vacuum pumps Al case
The PEN-VAC V 8901-LMS-ESD with aluminum body is a pocket-sized mechanically operated vacuum pipette. Pressure is created by the pressure of the Peleusball (rubber balloon), it raises small vacuum objects with a smooth surface. The PEN-VAC V 8901-LMS-ESD kit with 6 suction nozzles, in straight and bent design, for use of components, lenses, mechatronics, microscopy or small objects up to 50 grams. The aluminum body is ESD safe.
Mechanical / manual vacuum pumps PEN-VAC plastic body
The vacuum tweezers PEN-VAC is also available in further two different qualities. V8910-9BK-ESD and V8910-9GR-ESD.
Made of BLACK BUNA is the vacuum pin V 8910-9BK-ESD with a plastic body or V 8910-9GR-ESD made of grey plastic. Both versions are ESD-safe, in a set with 4 suction nozzles

Mechanical rubber vacuum tweezers

The HANDI-VAC HV-4-ESD, the small mechanical vacuum tweezers for the simplest handling of the vacuum volume by a dissipating rubber balg, for fast transport at the assembly table, in the laboratory, solar and precision engineering industry. The set HANDI-VAC HV-4-ESD contains 4 tips/suction nozzles with silicone cups in different diameters for uncomplicated lifting and placing of components, lenses and many small parts more. The HANDI-VAC HV-4-ESD box is safe and a very cost-effective vacuum pump.
Mechanical vacuum tweezers made of rubber - extremely large peleus ball (rubber balloon)
The BULB-VAC BVJ-X-ESD supplements the group of simple vacuum pumps. This vacuum balloon, consisting of dissipative rubber, works similar to the HANDI-VAC, but the larger rubber balloon creates a higher vacuum volume. All tips/suction nozzles and suction cups are also used here.

Electrical vacuum tweezers with controllable vacuum

The upper classes of the permanent vacuum tweezers comprise vacuum devices, equipped with adjustable vacuum. ADJUST-A-VAC AV6000-220 is the latest version for the use of vacuum in electronics, micromechanics, glass and electronic components, microscopy, micro- and nanotechnology, jewelry and optics. The ADJUST-A-VAC AV6000-220 is a complete table vacuum pump with a vacuum PEN-VAC and a vacuum pump, Operator button, connected by a spiral cable at the pump. A set consisting of 9 ESD safe tips / suction nozzles with silicone suction cups is included in the scope. An LED graphic shows the level of the vacuum. This is comfortably adjustable by a separate button. Reliable handling of extremely small SMD components is thus guaranteed. The ADJUST-A-VAC V-6000-220 produces up to 8 inches of mercury, stands safely on the workplace and is ideally suited for tips / suction nozzles of the series VSPT micro tips, which means the smallest diameter is 0.13mm. ADJUST-A-VAC-6000-220-FS is the described permanent vacuum pump with a foot switch.

Electric vacuum tweezers for semiconductor industry, wafer handling

WAFER handling, a special theme. For this we offer the permanent vacuum tweezers PORTA-VAC. PV-4000A-X is a battery operated vacuum tool with special tips / tips for transporting and handling wafers up to 8 ". The 9V battery of the vacuum pump allows easy handling of wafers up to 500 grams. A charger stand with rechargeable battery is available as well as a charger stand with a vacuum level indicator. Additional tips for transporting wafers up to 12 ".
Please ask for clean room version, battery operated, up to wafer sizes of 8 ".