POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH - The specialist for vacuum tools, tweezers and finger protection

For more than 30 years high tech tools have been main products of POLYPLAS Hameln GmbH.

Tweezers, pliers and cutting tools are given special attention. Decisive work in electronic assembling as well as fine-tuning technology are usually not possible without them.

Also mechanical vacuum tools, vacuum tweezers with tips, probes and cups for the SMD assembling technology. The electrical vacuum pumps with corresponding tips, probes and cups are used in Wafer assembling, clean room technology, mechatronics, optics, photonics.

The extremely wide range of different tweezers includes different surface finishes and coatings, such as teflon, ceramic or high temperature coatings; for fine crafts, such as watchmaking and jewelry industry especially „soft“ and „fine“.

Skin friendly hand protection and finger protection poly-TEXBAND, self-adhesive and breathable cotton gauze, knows no problem of size. Ingenious, always ready, practically from the roll, simply wrapped around the finger as a selective excellent protection!! Safe and cost-effective….

Ask us - sample and custom made!




AV-6000-220 Vacuum Tweezers

Adjust –A-Vac-AV-6000-220 – the specialist for manual handling of very thin/delicate substrates, wafers, MEMS devices and other very fragile components.

This vacuum-tweezer allows the operator to adjust the vacuum level from just below atmospheric pressure to up to eight inches of mercury depending on the fragility of the part being handled. An integrated ten segment bar-graph-display visibly shows the vacuum level present during handling operations. The bar graph will show minmum vacuum pressure until a part is grasped and then the bar graph displays the vacuum level presented to the part being handled. Additionally, the vacuum port integrates a user replaceable inlet filter that protects operation of the tool from dust particles. This Vacuum Tweezer is available in various kits depending on your handling application.



New product BULB VAC

Vacuum handling tool in a special handling

Small but powerful is the BULB VAC BVJ-X-ESD
A small tool in ESD version, suction cup on it and .... lift!

The entire rubber bellows has a length of 89 mm, width of 39.6 mm. The suction cups are available in various diameters, temperature resistant up to 230 ° C.

Ideal for simple handling work, very cost-effective and should not be missing in any workplace.
Other use of nozzles and suction cups possible, available in any size and material, as can be read under products - suction nozzles - suction cups.